Score Some Hoops And Good Eats At Scoop Shots Sports Ice Cream Bar

When in Manila, and in search for a wholesome sports bar in Quezon City, then add Katipunan’s Scoop Shots Sports Ice Cream Bar in your list of go-to restaurants! 


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Tucked in the mix of commercial and neighborhood type of restaurants along Katipunan Ave. is Scoop Shots Sports Ice Cream Bar. Specifically located at the 4th floor of the Oracle Bldg., this rookie in the foodie industry isn’t one to be belittled. 


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Its simplistic interior is proof that a restaurant is not about the fancy decorations, but about how good the food is. (We’ll get to that in a short while) However, since it is a diner for sports enthusiasts, the essential flat screen TVs with day’s game is always ready for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Paired with your pick of  milkshake and choice of  meal for , you’ll definitely experience one heck a of a game day 


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Since I’ve already mentioned milkshake above, I shall now formally introduce you to it. Reader, say “hello” to Pistachio Milkshake–a tall glass of melted Pistachio ice cream goodness with colored candy sprinkles on top. Milkshake says “hi”  back and would like to introduce you its other milkshake friends on your future visit in the restaurant.


scoop shots wheninmanila 3 


Probably the best bowl of nachos I’ve ever tried in Katipunan is this one staring right at you. The star here is the white sauce of magic (that’s how I’d like to call it. haha!) and the runner-up would be the perfectly-cooked nachos. It has that homemade feel we all love, and to be honest, it could go without the beef and tomatoes–the sauce is that good. 


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Scoop Shots’ version of Fish and Chips is…very Filipino! They used Tilapia instead of Cream Dory and the crazy part is–it worked! The salted tilapia (with skin) coated in batter and fried ’til golden brown was a delight in the mouth. The fish was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.


scoop shots wheninmanila 5


Finally, the star of all comfort food (well, at least for me) is this 100% pure beef burger. And when I say 100% I mean, no extenders, just pure meat taste sandwiched between two soft buns, lettuce, cheese, onions, bacon bits, and a spoonful of tasty sauce that I’m still dreaming of until now. 



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