Scientists are One Step Closer to Proving a Parallel Universe Exists

Anyone who has seen a handful of sci-fi films knows that parallel universes are all the rage these days. We’ve seen this in action in recent superhero films and even way before that, so parallel universes aren’t exactly a new concept.

In fact, real life scientists have been seeing hints of a mirror image universe for quite some time now and now that technology has finally caught up, experiments are being developed to test existing theories.

A mirror image universe will mean the existence of mirror atoms, mirror matter, and mirror life. It’s all exciting stuff! It could also explain many unsolved scientific mysteries that have been plaguing scientists for a long time, such as dark matter.

Dr. Michio Kaku, the co-founder of the string field theory and one of the most widely recognized scientists today, had this to say about dark matter in an interview with Big Think: “Dark matter is massive, it has gravity, but it’s invisible. It has no interactions with light or the electromagnetic force. So, there is a theory that says that perhaps dark matter is nothing but matter, ordinary matter, in another dimension hovering right above us.”


The fact that there might be another us in a different universe has always been an appealing thought. It not only means that our universe is bigger than we think it is, but it also means that there is more than one. The possibilities are endless. So why don’t we do our best and prove to ourselves (and our parallel universe selves) that we aren’t living in our darkest timelines?

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What do you think parallel universe you is doing right now?