Scientists Cannot Explain Sudden Decline of Antarctic Ice

Since 2014, ice floating in the ocean around Antarctica has been shrinking dramatically, a new study reveals.


A study from the Nimbus 7 meteorological satellite, launched by NASA in 1978, has been published this week in the journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The record shows the ice coverage in 2014 that is quite high and in 2017 where the record was low.

“It was just three years later [after the record high] that we had a record low, which is quite a rapid shift,” as told to NBC News. “The magnitude of that decrease from 2014 to 2017 was more than the decrease that has happened in the Arctic over more than 30 years.”

Despite the study, scientists have been wondering about the nature of sea ice in the region regarding data from the same paper.

The collected satellite data regarding the sea ice shows that the Antarctic ice was growing unexpectedly for decades before it suddenly declined as studied comprehensively by researchers and the scientists cannot explain what happened.

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