Save a Child in Need – Are You Called to Rescue?

Save a Child in Need – Are You Called to Rescue?

Who would’ve thought that a simple statement said in a video can gather the attention of so many bighearted individuals? Bryan Gallinger appeared in Jollibee’s #SarapMagingPilipino Independence Day video in which he mentioned about an organization that “rescues children from violence and homeless situations.” That statement touched the heart of many individuals who, in return, asked about Called To Rescue – the organization Bryan Gallinger mentioned.


Save a Child in Need – Are You Called to Rescue?

The people responsible for Called to Rescue called for a media roundtable at M Cafe in Greenbelt because of the response they got from Jollibee’s #SarapMagingPilipino video. It was an event attended by a small group including the team representing When in Manila and Breakfast Magazine’s Editorial Assistant, Harmony Adiao.

Called to Rescue is a non-profit organization started by Dr. Cyndi Romine here in the Philippines. It started when Dr. Cyndi Romine personally witnessed a child being sold to an older man in Pagsanhan. Since then, Called to Rescue changed the lives of many children and women to help them start again and erase the horrible memories of the past. 

Called to Rescue’s main purpose is to fill the gap between the reported cases and the necessary groups needed to conduct the rescue. People can simply call Called to Rescue’s hotline, so that the organization can do the required actions to save a child in need. 


Tony Ahn, Bryan Gallinger, and Anthony Pangilinan spoke about the background, purpose, and goals of Called to Rescue. One of the things they mentioned is how each and every single person can help spread awareness regarding the issue of sex trafficking. With the use of social media, they said, it is now very easy to spread their cause. People can simply post about Called to Rescue including their hotline numbers because there are chances that someone needs that information. In fact, one of their rescues happened because a teacher from one of their school tours contacted them about an issue she knew about. 

Jedrek Ng, an Assistant City Prosecutor working for IACAT (Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking) and Anthony Pangilinan also spoke about the current state here in the Philippines. A question was raised regarding the effectiveness of the police force when it comes to rescues in which Anthony Pangilinan answered that people go to the police last, if they go to the police at all. But then, they said, there had been improvements in the police force including having a women and children’s help desk in every police station so that the concerns of people regarding women and children can immediately be addressed. 

Are you a passionate individual who wants to reach out and help the children in need? Maybe you are called to rescue. 

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Contact Called to Rescue through the following:

Hotline: 0917-541-0287


Save a Child in Need – Are You Called to Rescue?

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