Satisfy your Cravings with Salted Egg Potato Chips from Blessed Blossoms

Salted egg potato chips is one of the hottest food trends this year. It was a hit back in Singapore and now you see a lot of them in your social media feeds. If you’re still looking for ways to taste this addicting snack, let Blessed Blossoms help you out with your cravings.


Blessed Blossoms offers three variants of their salted egg potato chips: Classic, Lightly Salted, and Extra Spicy. A tub contains 120 grams of crispy potato chips with salted egg imported from Singapore. They also contain curry leaves to add a dimension of spice in the flavor. It costs 260 pesos per tub but check out the end of the article on how to get discounts.



Enjoy lounging under the sun with the lightly salted egg potato chips


Fresh air. A little bit of sun. Your favorite cold tea drink. Your favorite chill out playlist. A tub of lightly salted potato chips. I can’t think of a better combination than this.

What I like about this one is that it’s lightly salted. If you’re particular with your sodium intake but want to binge out with this snack, this is your tub. You’ll surely enjoy this while relaxing on a lounge chair near a pool and taking a break away from your busy lifestyle. You can forget about sharing too since this is your alone time.

blessed-blossoms-8 Good company and a bowl of classic salted egg potato chips

Talk about life, bring out a bit of nostalgia, and let the good times fly.

If you’re in a mood of sharing and a round of laughs with your friend, let a bowl classic salted egg potato chips help you make the good times last longer.


Or watch an exciting show with a helping of the extra spicy salted egg potato chips and a glass of cold root beer.

blessed-blossoms-10Good and exciting shows call for a snack with a kick to be followed by a cold beverage.

Yes, an episode of Haikyuu!! is really more interesting with a tub of potato chips on one side and a glass of root beer on the other. Every exhilarating scene needs to be partnered with a handful of chips and then you’ll need to wait for the spicy flavor to kick in. Then wash it down with root beer. It was a really sugoi (amazing) watching experience.

Now if you’re still reading, this might be for the discounts. If you’re planning to give them as gifts, Blessed Blossoms give discounts for bulk orders. They also have a Christmas bundle so check that out on Facebook.

P.S. If you’re wondering why they’re called Blessed Blossoms, it’s because they started out with sweet delicacies. So if you’re the snacker that in the salty-sweet loop, Blessed Blossoms got you covered.

blessed-blossoms-4Toasted pastillas


What other activities you think is best with a tub of salted egg potato chips at hand? Enjoy and happy eating.

Blessed Blossoms

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