Satchmi Vinyl Day Celebrated Vinyl and Indie Music

Bring out your turntables and LP records because this generation is going back to the basics. Whether you’re a fan of classic, 80s, or pop music, all of your favorite songs are now in the form of vinyl records, ready to be played on your turntables.

Satchmi, the #1 vinyl distributor in the Philippines, celebrates a bigger, bolder and incredibly fun Vinyl Day recently, but they didn’t just celebrate the comeback of turntables and vinyl.

They also gave the spotlight to OPM and our indie industry. With the indie scene booming in our country, they invited bands such as Muni Muni, She’s Only Sixteen, Taken By Cars, Ben&Ben and artists BP Valenzuela and Quest to showcase their songs to the crowd. One of the headliners that ended the event with a bang was the band Sandwich who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Here are some of my favorite things from this year’s Satchmi Vinyl Day:

Film Folk and Sunny16Lab

If you are looking for a film or Polaroid camera, or if you just want a vintage watch to go with your aesthetics, Film Folk is here to cater to your needs. Conversely, if you already have a film camera and want to develop your film rolls, Sunny16Lab always offers special discounts during Vinyl Day.

Satchmi Cold Brew Coffee

Are you a fan of the famous Satchmi Cold Brew Coffee? Well, you can indulge yourself on Vinyl Day as they sell a lot of the famous brew. They also have other types of coffee to keep you awake from start to finish of the Vinyl Day celebrations.

Local Crafts

Whether you are a fan of T-shirts, plants, or stickers, you can choose from a variety of things to buy from the local makers present at Vinyl Day.

Diyalogo, a famous sticker shop online, sells their collection here along with other indie sticker makers. What I personally love about their fair is that they prioritize local makers over international brands. You can also hunt for some hard-to-find collectibles here such as limited edition shirts and posters.

Indie Band Performances

You don’t have to be a hippie or an indie junkie to enjoy these bands’ music. Everyone could sing along to their songs.

What is especially amazing about their stage is that the bands can easily jam and interact with the crowd there. They actually invite some fans to the stage to sing along with them, making each and everyone’s experience intimate and memorable.

Huge Discounts

If you are planning to get your own turntable, Satchmi Vinyl Day is the perfect time and place to get it.

From around Php8,000, you can get your turntable at a discounted price of around Php6,000. Plus, you can get many coveted pieces of vinyl at 30% off during the day.

If in doubt of what to get or if you really want to get your Motorino turntable, you can easily listen to different vinyl tracks for free, as well, since they have free trials of vinyls and turntables.

This is my second time attending Satchmi Vinyl Day and I must say, they definitely went all out this year. It is also amazing to know that MTV Philippines is their official TV partner which means that our indie bands will get maximum exposure with the help of #MTVPh.

My favorite part of the event, however, were the sets of MuniMuni, Quest, Ben&Ben and of course, the legendary Sandwich. I’m definitely sure that I will be attending next year’s Vinyl Day again. See you there?


SM Megamall / UP Town Center


Instagram: @satchmiteam


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