Sara Bareilles’s new album is about heartbreak, growth, and empowerment

It may have been six years since her last album but Sara Bareilles reminds fans that she is still a force to be reckoned with after finally dropping an all-new collection of songs.

Sara Bareilles Amidst the Chaos

In her 13-track comeback record titled “Amidst the Chaos,” Bareilles explores a number of themes and issues happening in the world today.

From love songs to a feminist anthem, the album is the singer-songwriter’s conscious effort to inspire healing amidst the stress and chaos we’re all facing especially with the shifting political climate.

In an interview with Variety, she admitted that she has grown up in the last few years. “I have sort of awakened my own naïveté and my own sort of laziness about being disengaged and taking for granted that there are good people out there working hard to make things feel right. It really, really matters that we spend our energy on what’s happening in the political sphere.”

Sara Bareilles


A standout track is “Orpheus” which encapsulates what the album is trying to say. With lyrics that go “I’ll show you good, restore your faith / I’ll try and somehow make a meaning of the poison in this place / Convince you love, don’t breathe it in / You were written in the stars that we are swimming in,” Bareilles attempts to soothe our worries by never giving up on love and kindness.

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“I wanted to honor that song as a centerpiece of the record,” she said. “It’s just all about kind of learning to cope with this sort of new chapter in the world, where politically and socially and culturally, it can sort of feel like the world is on fire a lot of the time.”

You can watch Sara Bareilles perform the first track of “Amidst the Chaos” on Saturday Night Live here:

Have you listened to Sara Bareilles’s new album yet? Which song is your favorite?