Holy CREPE: Sapin-sapin crepe cake exists and we’re in love with it

Filipino cuisine, especially its desserts, is as diverse as it gets. Made with local ingredients like ube, coconut milk, and rice, these delicacies are different from your usual cakes and pastries in appearance, taste, and mouthfeel.

Take for example the well-loved sapin-sapin. A colorful dessert that features layer upon layer of glutinous rice and coconut, this Filipino favorite is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and water. And let’s not forget the flavoring and coloring, which gives it that eye-catching appearance.

Now, if you love this dessert just as much as I do, well, say hello to the elevated Sapin-sapin Crepe Cake!


Made by former Buzzfeed producer Ray Pajar, the sapin-sapin cake is an elevated version of the sticky Filipino delicacy. In it, you will find the same elements as you would in a normal sapin-sapin: ube, langka (jackfruit), coconut, and latik (toasted coconut). However, Pajar turns these into thin crepes, which he then piles atop each other with cream in between.

And really, it’s a feast for the eyes! Check out the lovely colors (as well as the anatomy) right here:


As of writing, it looks like Pajar has no plans of selling this cake. In fact, he made it to celebrate Filipino-American History Month, as well as his birthday. But as both a cake and sapin-sapin lover, I can only dream of this cake to be available in the Philippines.

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Discovered any Filipino desserts made with a twist? Share your amazing food discoveries with us!

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