Sanremo Brings Next Innovation To The Philippine Coffee Industry With The Opera Launch

Sanremo Brings Next Innovation To The Philippine Coffee Industry With The Opera Launchsanremo--(533)

Sanremo, one of Concept Specialist Inc.’s major brands, recently introduced its newest professional coffee machine called “Opera, The Revolution” to the Philippines via a launch event held at the City Garden Grand Hotel. The Opera is Sanremo’s top-of-the-line product renowned for its high quality and reliability, which was conceptualized by a great team of coffee machine engineers from across the world. Incomparable to other coffee machines, The Opera controls coffee extraction by brew ratio instead of volumetric measurement, achieving just the right precision and efficiency without altering the recipe of your coffee beans and thus, producing only an excellent blend of Italian espresso.



“An opera represents lots of instruments, which blend well and collectively make a wonderful sound. And just like the great opera singers of Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo, we put together the best in the business –  topnotch baristas and engineers.  They make an unbelievable sound, so to speak, having created Sanremo’s The Opera, an innovative product that “reverberates” what the industry need and want” says Carlo de Sordi, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sanremo Italy.  Given its functionalities and uniqueness, Sanremo’s The Opera is set to become one of the most important new commercial espresso machines the coffee industry has seen in years.  

Other machines featured at the Sanremo product launch included the Verona RS, hailed as the sports edition of Sanremo and the latest UK Barista Championship machine. Also featured was  The Verde or the green machine, conceived with the environment in mind, encompassing energy saving efficiencies. It offers an entirely different concept with its straightforward design, partly made from recycled materials including spent ground coffee and recycled timbers.  



Another major event highlight was a talk on the “Third Wave Coffee Concept” with well-known coffee connoisseur Robert Francisco as guest speaker, who encouraged Filipino coffee lovers and enthusiasts to try out different specialty coffee shops. “With globalization, trends could be easily copied from abroad. People are creating new marketing stunts just to be different like preparing coffee a la minute according to what procedures you like, with different blends and origins. Third wave coffee concept is something that go beyond special but nothing too complicated that may intimidate a lot of customers, “ says Francisco. The third wave of coffee is not only about the ambience with new methods of making your coffee but it is also about consumers starting to appreciate coffee just like how we do it with wine. Consumers nowadays are more interested in learning the beans, the method and more. And with the launch of Sanremo’s Opera, touted as the best coffee machine of its kind to date, the third wave coffee concept is the next big thing in the country.



For more information, log onto  Also check out Sanremo Philippines’ Facebook page: or follow @conceptspecialist on Instagram.  For inquiries, please call their sales department at 376-5621 or 0917-77789939.




Sanremo Brings Next Innovation To The Philippine Coffee Industry With The Opera Launch

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