Sanosan Skin Care Products are Perfect for the Whole Family

For more than 30 years now, Sanosan has established itself as a recognized international baby care brand. Sanosan is made in Germany (manufactured by Mann & Schroder) and doesn’t just provide quality products, but also brings in affordable prices and the best natural ingredients for gentle baby care. Today, Sanosan is available in over 60 countries.

Sanosan introduces several product lines targeted to different skin care needs:

Baby Line

Sanosan 2

These skin care products provide gentle cleansing – perfect for a baby’s skin.

Kids Line

Sanosan Kids

These products have a moisturising formula for mild and gentle skin and hair care for children.

Mama Line

Sanosan Mama Line

These products have selected natural active ingredients and skin-tightening properties to pamper mothers.

With different product lines tailor-fit for specific needs, moms and kids don’t have to share the same shampoo and skin products anymore as some ingredients might not be suitable for kids. Sanosan definitely captures every scope a mother needs to give only the best skin care for the entire family. Check them out today!