Sanosan Mama Care Line: Complete Skin Care Every Mom Deserves

As a mom, it has always been important for me to provide my kids with complete care and protection. What I tend to forget, though, is to take care of my own skin. Sanosan, a recognized International baby care that is made in Germany and manufactured by Mann & Schroder Company, is known to deliver not just quality skin care for babies, but also for moms. Sanosan knows how important and how hard pregnancy can be and as such, they have created a wide range of skin care products that are perfect for every baby, child, and mom out there.

Sanosan has spent years of research to bring women all over the world effective and safe skin care since they know that every woman only deserves the best. The Sanosan Mama Care line is also made of high-quality natural ingredients, so you can be sure that they are free from paraben and other chemical preservatives. Check out the different products they have available:

Sanosan Mama Intimate Hygiene Liquid Cleanser

Hygiene Intimate Cleanser

The Sanosan Mama Intimate Hygiene Liquid Cleanser is a gentle and safe feminine wash that was created especially for the needs of the intimate area during and after pregnancy. It contains natural lactic acid that supports the mucosa in maintaining its natural effectiveness while maintaining the natural PH of the intimate area to leave it clean and fresh.

This intimate wash is meticulously formulated with high-quality natural ingredients as lactic acid, chamomile extract and a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar. Surfactants are used to produce foam or lather in cleansing products. This product is for external use only and should be rinsed off with water after every wash.

Sanosan Mama Cooling Leg Cream


Pregnancy often triggers a variety of changes in women, including stretch marks and constantly tired legs. Cool and soothe tired legs and feet with a massage and Sanosan Mama Cooling Leg Cream, richly formulated with jojoba oil, almond oil, coffee seed extract, allantoin, flower extracts and high quality shea butter.

The Sanosan Mama Cooling Leg Cream contains cooling menthol to ease the soreness and weariness away while natural ingredients like shea butter keep the feet and legs moisturized and pleasantly smooth.

Sanosan Mama Anti-Stretch Mark Cream


Unlike back in the day, modern women can now say goodbye to stretch marks and say hello to smooth, moisturized and supple skin with Sanosan Mama Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. It deeply nourishes and thoroughly moisturizes stretched skin during pregnancy or weight gain; and keeps skin elastic, supple and glowing, so you can keep confidently wearing clothes you love without worrying about blemishes.

The Sanosan Anti-Stretch Mark Cream contains natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil, citronellol and sour tea flower extract to fade and prevent stretch marks.

Sanosan Philippines

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