Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet: Not Just for Travelers

Where or how do you go about to answer nature’s call, when you go to all those crazy trips in the caves, jungles, or deserts?

This is a question asked by many of my friends and family regarding some of my trips, like when I stayed in a cave with the Bedouins of Petra, Jordan. And it is a valid concern especially for women because we have more things to deal with in terms of personal hygiene. And not to mention during that time of the month when you just wish you’re back in your own bathroom. 

Sanicare Personal Travel BidetMy camp site in Petra, Jordan circa 2011

For the longest time, and this is how I survived my 14-month continuous travel around the world, the best solution has been baby wipes. I stock on baby wipes like some people prepare for zombie apocalypse for travels that do not involve 5-star hotels.

But guess what? Something better has finally come along. 

Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

Because the truth is, however traveling, sometimes you’d still wish you have convenient access to water. The Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet is a unique personal hygiene system that is effective and convenient. Imagine having your own bidet everywhere you go. It is lightweight and weighs only 215g. This travel bidet is compact and small enough to fit into your purse when folded for storage. When extended, it gives you the reach needed for comfortable and effective cleansing. And it’s environment friendly, too, as it doesn’t add to the landfill like baby wipes. 

The Sanicare Personal Travel Bidget has two washing modes of soft water and regular flow. It operates on a single AA battery.

Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

Not Just for Travelers

The Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet is actually for everyone, not only travelers on adventure trips. 

You can be someone who shares a toilet with 20 other colleagues in the office. Or someone having to go to public toilets in the cinema, malls, or fast food restaurants. Sometimes I see dippers in the ladies’ toilet and wonder how they use it. It can’t be easy. But with this new portable gadget, no imagination needed.

It can also be great for moms when changing diapers for their babies in the house or when traveling with kids. It’s a great substitute for baby wipes!  For have you read the article about the horrific damage baby wipes can do to children’s skin? Apparently, chemical in the wipes can cause itchy red rash.  In fact, it was in a baby shop that I found this cool product.

 Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet

The Sanicare Personal Travel Bidet is available in the Philippines for only Php 3,000 though the following: 

Baby & Beyond
Unit G2, Strata Suites Condominium, 300 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, MM.


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