Sandara Park’s Acting And Work Ethic Praised In New Movie “One Step”!

Sandara Park surprised fans and critics with her acting in the upcoming movie, “One Step”.

Sandara Park One Step

“One Step” is said to be the Korean remake of “Begin Again”, a musical film that starred Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

Dara plays Si Hyun, a girl who loses her memory following a car accident. As she struggles to remember a melody, she meets three people who help her remember her past through music.

Sandara Park

The movie marks the 31-year-old K-Pop star’s first film after reinventing herself as a K-Pop idol with the girl group 2NE1 in 2009.

Sandara was a former celebrity in the Philippines who rose to fame in the ABS-CBN talent search Star Circle Quest, and landed a string of TV, movie and music projects.

Talking to Soompi, Dara spent time practicing the music for “One Step” as the songs are different from the genre she is used to.

“Since I’m a singer by trade, I thought ‘One Step’ would come easily. However, I was taken aback by how different it was from the style of music that I usually do. But when I think about it, I think the genre that I showcased in ‘One Step,’ which focuses on a clearer vocal tone, suits me better.”

Director Jeon Jae Jeong was all praises for the former 2NE1 member for her work ethic.

Speaking to a Korean press conference, he said:

“I think she’s the greatest rookie actress I’ve seen. Though she started her career as a singer, she always came with her lines perfectly memorized.”

Looks like an exciting film to look forward to!

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