Sandara Park Reacts to Losing Her Shoe While Performing at Coachella and We’re LOL-ing

Sandara Park Coachella

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2NE1 surprised fans when they reunited on stage for member CL’s 88rising set at Coachella over the weekend. Together, Dara, Bom, Minzy, and CL performed “I Am the Best,” to the delight of Blackjacks in the audience.

Of course, they gave a stunning performance but one incident did not escape eagle-eyed fans: Dara lost her shoe during the show.

Joross Gamboa, who competed with Dara in Star Circle Quest in 2004, even poked fun at the K-Pop idol on Instagram. He shared a Story of 2NE1, with Dara’s shoe noticeably absent. He captioned his photo with, “Down to earth ka talaga @daraxxi. Nakatapak lagi sa lupa.”

Joross Sandara Coachella

He also commented on her Instagram post: “Kung nakaninong Prince Charming man ang sapatos ni Cinderella pakibalik na ang sapatos.”

Now, Dara has reacted to losing her shoe on Twitter.

In one tweet, she said, “I got my other shoe back! Don’t worry~!!!”

In another, Dara tweeted, “I think my socks is still on the stage. With all the other performers… sorry for that.”

When a user asked why it disappeared, the performer responded, “Ewan ko… d[i] naman lumipad [y]ung shoes ko during rehearsals… I think iba talaga energy level ko sa actual show!!!”

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