San Sebastian Church Is Now A National Treasure

Asia’s only all-steel temple gets its much-deserved recognition.

San Sebastian Church 1

The Basílica Menor de San Sebastian in Quiapo, more popularly known as San Sebastian Church has just been declared as a national cultural treasure (NCT) by the National Museum!

San Sebastian Church

The 124-year-old church, according to the National Museum, was reportedly inspired by the Roman Movement of the 18th and 19th century, as well as a Neo-Gothic revival style of the Middle Ages.

Reports also said that the church contains optical illusions of portraits of saints and martyrs in niche, the only work left of 19th century portraitist Lorenzo Rocha.

The usage of steel was the idea of Genaro Palacios, then the director of the public works in Manila, and would be the pioneer for future trends in construction. The premade steel sections used to construct the church were manufactured in Brussels, Belgium.

We’re glad to see a landmark getting fully recognized!

Been to the San Sebastian Church? What are your thoughts on this?