SAN JUNIPERO: Heaven is a Place on Earth

The University of the Philippines Junior Finance Association (UP JFA) indeed made heaven a place on Earth with their party ‘San Junipero’ held in the Mapayapa Village 3 Clubhouse, last November 22. Being a vaporwave-themed party, the attendees were surely impressed with the colorful light decor and three zones open for all to bond and to make memories in.

The party started off with a bang as the attendees were welcomed by the booming music, free-flowing drinks, and unlimited games. Drinks from both The Bar and Andy Player refreshed the members and applicants as they ate and bonded with one another at the Party Zone. New friendships were made as the hosts called for participants in their icebreaker titled Suck and Blow, wherein each person had to pass a piece of paper to the next using only their mouth. Games like this surely got the crowd excited to see who’ll win!

In addition to that, the stage became the location for the well-loved Beer Pong tournaments. Aside from the Party and Booze Zone, the Warp Zone stood out with its green lights and gaming consoles. The party was a blast as competitions between attendees rose as they battled out playing Tekken, Call of Duty, and other exciting multiplayer games. The Warp Zone was truly a treat for whoever wanted to sit down and take a break from dancing to the electrifying music of the Party Zone. Promotional videos from both online media sponsors (, BusinessWorld SparkUp, and  InquirerPop!) and alcohol sponsors (The Bar, Andy Player) were played on loop in the Party Zone & Warp Zone.

San Junipero was an all-around energetic and entertainment-filled event enjoyed by its attendees. The attendees entered with hopes of de-stressing the night away with friends, games, and music, and they left with all of that satisfied. With UP JFA, San Junipero was truly heaven on earth.

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