Sam Pinto Finally Shares Birth Story, Reveals Having Pregnancy Complications

It’s been more than a month since Sam Pinto gave birth to her first child with husband Anthony Semerad. Now, she took to Instagram to finally share the full story of her road to motherhood.

She began by recounting her trip to the hospital when she was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Although she was able to have the “normal delivery” she wanted, she admitted to having complications that almost made her undergo a C-Section surgery.

“We wanted to go for a normal delivery as much as possible — which I did. But there were some issues that can make me have a c-section like I [had] pre-eclampsia — for some reason I developed hypertension during my pregnancy even if I think that’s the healthiest I’ve ever been. Maybe cause my mom also [had] pre-eclampsia,” she said.

“Secondly, Mia was small. When I was 36 weeks pregnant, her size was 32 weeks. Had to drink [these] special vitamins and in 2 weeks, her size was perfect. Lastly, my placenta was low for the longest time. It’s [supposed] to go up early on the pregnancy. But mine took its time. Finally on my 36th week, it went up. Oh if it doesn’t go up, I would have to do a c-section cause it’s blocking the birth canal.”

She also shared that she refused to have Anthony stay in the hospital with her after checking in out of fear that he’d be “too exposed.”

“Finally after 16 hours, Mia was ready to come out. And Anthony was able to enter the delivery room (Oh he also needed [an] RT-PCR test that’s valid for 3 days to be able to be with [me] in the delivery room and stay with me after giving birth). After 3 pushes, she was out!” she added.

Reflecting on her experience, she expressed gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who helped her give birth and also praised all mothers for their bravery and strength.

“Everything about giving birth is so intense. But my body is made for this. Thank you to all doctors and nurses and salute to all the mommas,” she ended.

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Sam and Anthony welcomed their daughter together last September 1.

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