Salt and Ice: Delicious Oysters, Craft Cocktail Drinks, and More

Looking for a fun place with a great vibe in the Metro? Salt and Ice is definitely the place to be! Whether you’re looking for a place for a dinner date or a night out with colleagues or friends after a long day, its prime location in Uptown Parade and delicious food and drinks make it one of my new favorite places to go in BGC.

Here, no detail is too small — from the interiors to the music, Salt and Ice aims to be a space where you can enjoy a chill night with good food, amazing oysters, and inventive cocktails.

Salt and Ice Fresh Oyster

Photo from Salt and Ice

Salt and Ice: Oysters

Oyster lovers, in particular, will adore Salt and Ice’s creative menu that celebrates the freshness of Aklan oysters flown in every day – always fresh and never frozen. In fact, the “salt” in “Salt and Ice” represents the sea and their fresh oysters – and they have them in so many different flavors, you’re going to want to try each one.

Salt and Ice Kilpatrick Oysters scaled e1668838205461

Photo from Salt and Ice

They have fresh-shucked oysters (on the half-shell with a dash of vinegar or house-made sriracha sauce), Oyster Tempura (Japanese style fried oyster with wasabi mayonnaise and Ponzu sauce), Oyster Mornay (crumbed oyster with Napolitana sauce and mozzarella cheese), Oyster Spinach & Malunggay (baked oyster with spinach, malunggay, and cream cheese), Oyster Bacon and Cheese (baked oyster with bacon, cheese, and honey) and Oyster Kilpatrick (baked oyster with bacon and Worcestershire sauce).

Salt and Ice Tempura Oysters e1668838708164

Photo from Salt and Ice

“We use Aklan oysters because they are consistently bigger in size,” explains Abigael Quilal-lan, Salt and Ice’s operations manager who has competed and won local and international bartending competitions. “At Salt and Ice, we like patronizing local produce to ensure the freshness of our food.”

Salt and Ice Parmigiana Oysters scaled e1668838745498

Photo from Salt and Ice

Salt and Ice: Craft Cocktail Drinks

The “ice” in “Salt and Ice”, on the other hand, represents their amazing craft cocktail drinks. As a true-blue lover of alcoholic drinks, there are times when I want to skip the beer and wine and just have a really good cocktail. Sadly, not all restaurants in the Metro serve great cocktail drinks. Salt and Ice, however, is a place that does. In fact, their world-class cocktail drinks are crafted by award-winning bartenders using top-shelf spirits and the latest tools and equipment only a few bars in Manila have.

Salt and Ice Aurora scaled e1668838372323

Photo from Salt and Ice

They’re such a delight too. Taste aside, they are created in a unique fashion that makes them both memorable and Instagrammable. Their bartenders create forward-looking, whimsical cocktail drinks, each with their own stories, beautifully served and presented, the kind you look forward to after a long day. They’ll definitely liven up any table and any night.

Salt and Ice Rogue Waves Cocktails scaled e1668838417192

Photo from Salt and Ice

Salt and Ice isn’t just about oysters and cocktail drinks either. They have a wide array of food options on the menu, including Indonesian-style Chicken Satay Skewers, Truffle Mushroom Arancini, Sea Urchin Pasta, Singaporean Chili Prawns, Wagyu Sliders, Australian Tomahawk Steak, and amazing desserts that are just as stunning as their cocktail drinks.

Salt and Ice Ferrero Rocher Sundae scaled e1668839059988

Photo from Salt and Ice

Salt and Ice perfectly captures the nuances of food and cocktail drinks resulting in delightful pairings. What to drink with what dish? While there are no hard and fast rules because pairings really depend on your preferences, Abigael recommends a light and fruity cocktail like the Eternal Rose with the fresh oysters and classic cocktails with the flavored oysters.

Salt and Ice Shes a Bliss Cocktails scaled e1668839091656

Photo from Salt and Ice

Salt and Ice has truly been a passion project. The goal was to create not just a bar but a space that celebrates the freshness of Aklan oysters, and the world-class skills of their award-winning roster of bartenders. “It is, in a nutshell, an oyster bar that serves cocktails, from the classics to imaginative concoctions developed for discerning guests who want to have an interactive bar experience,” explains Abigael.

“It’s a passion project of our president and CEO, John Michael “Mike” Hilton. He loves oyster bars and premium, well-thought out cocktails. He married these two in one space,” she adds. “He’s very hands-on at Salt and Ice. He shared his ideas when we were developing our cocktails, and he led a team of chefs in conceptualizing our main menu selection.”

Mike’s extensive experience in F&B was put to good use when he founded Visum Ventures in 2019, bringing the now widely popular Koomi (a natural-drinking yogurt from Australia) to the Philippines. He has since expanded the brand portfolio with Oh My Greek, Zig, Sante by Zig, and is also the exclusive distributor of T2 loose-leaf teas and tea wares in the country.

Salt and Ice

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, Uptown BGC, Taguig

Sundays to Wednesdays: 4PM to 1AM

Thursdays to Saturdays: 4PM to 3AM


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaltAndIceBarPH

Instagram: @saltandiceph

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