Salon Beauvoir : Manila’s Best and Luxurious Beauty Haven

When in Manila, there are times when we woud simply want to shut the world off, and then save the rest of the day for a moment of express pampering and well-spent relaxation.



Lucky for us, there’s this new luxury salon in the city of Makati that could give all of what we’re looking for when it comes to days of much-needed self-indulgence: Salon Beauvoir!



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen



A beautiful view. What’s great about Salon Beauvoir is that from the moment you step in to their establishment, it would start to wonderfully transport you into an experience… An experience as though you have been invited to an elegant affair in a French woman’s boudoir; complete with satisfying makeovers and personalized service!



I can actually still remember how my best friend, Celine, (who was with me that day) had dreamily remarked, “I feel like I’m of royalty!



Well… who wouldn’t feel that? From the sophisticated interior design, up to the Salon Beauvoir‘s intricate decorative elements, well-dressed receptionists, accommodating staff, glass chandeliers, spacious lounge, velvet couches, and vintage-looking mirrors—it will be apparent how every customer is set to be treated with firm importance right from the very beginning.


when in manila salon beauvoir aileen lounge
The products that they use are even displayed out in the open! You’ll definitely know what brands they’re going to use on you! And rest assured, they are of the best, high-quality and trusted brands you could ever think of!



After the reception and lounge area would be the main salon floor that has these dresser-like sections lining up one side of the wall, and individual stations spread out in the middle of the room.



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen area
Look at that simple but ‘très chicuniform that their receptionists wear!



Salon Beauvoir also has 3 VIP rooms which is going to be perfect for you and your friends! (Cue a spa-rty!) You could avail of services like waxing, threading, facial treatments, makeups, massages, and foot spa among others! What’s even more delightful about these VIP rooms are the amenities too! Apparently, there are iPads placed in each room for your added entertainment.



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen vip



Of course, us women can’t take all the fun! Further into the salon, there’s a separate area that’s especially made for men!

If ‘our’ area is composed of elegance and femininity, the men’s area is rather packed with a stronger and muscular theme especially with how the room is predominantly hued in black and silver. With this, the men won’t feel as if they’re being robbed off their ‘manliness’, haha! So yes, sweetie, you could definitely tag your boyfriend along in this high-end salon!



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen mens area



Before starting, Celine and I were asked if we wanted any any drinks or food; apparently, Salon Beauvoir partnered with the San Francisco Coffee (which is in close proximity!for this additional service.



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen food



Finally, after settling down, the makeover spree begins!



As per their usual, first, the creative team consulted with us. In this team, we were told that it is composed of four of their senior stylists: the husband-and-wife tandem Jojo and Monette Rivera, international stylist Sam Santos,and artistic director Marlon Tantiado.



My stylist for that day was Sam, whereas Celine’s was Monette; needless to say, we were very lucky to have them attend to our ‘beauty needs’! Why lucky? Because they know their craft and they’re experts! Sam, for instance, has been in the industry for over 26 years! He was even a part of the Steiner Group: the official hairdressers to the queen and her guests! (Do you believe us now why we said that we felt like we were of royalty while in Salon Beauvoir?)



Meanwhile, Monette has just recently gained the highest award for the L’Oreal Master Colorist course and she will be sharing her knowledge as the featured Local Guest Artist of L’Oreal this 2012! Talk about expertise!



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen celine
when in manila salon beauvoir aileen before



For Celine, Monette gave her a new haircut that would give more body to her hair, framing her features better. Monette also applied a two-toned hue in the shade of light red to the upper crown of Celine’s hair to add a bit more style; this would be best seen when under direct sunlight.



As for me, I wanted to go red again! As you can see from my picture above, my hair has already faded to brown after having it recently colored to red.

But anyway, for this time around, I wanted a milder red and Sam was very helpful in suggesting the right hue for me! I also got a haircut since Sam noted how the ends of my hair have become a tad too dry.



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen celine process
when in manila salon beauvoir aileen process



The recoloring of my hair took more than and hour (as well as Celine’s), which was cool because while our hair was being dyed, we were also being given a manicure, pedicure, and foot spa! Just to note: I really have to commend Sam and his assistant on how they dyed my hair!

They were very meticulous in the application, and I really appreciated that. Even more so was that they have given me a head and shoulder massage. It was perfect, and it was just what I needed!



After the coloring process was done as well as all that jazz of rinsing our hair and whatnot, we were given an after-treatment. Now what’s cool about this is that they’ve used on us one of the newest products of Kerastase Paris: Chroma Captive a masque and shampoo variant that aims to capture and prolong hair color, health, and shine!



The end result:



when in manila salon beauvoir aileen celine after
when in manila salon beauvoir aileen after



Overall, I could honestly say that my experience with Salon Beauvoir was great; more than great! Even better compared to the other salons that I have been to. So it naturally follows that I’m highly recommending Salon Beauvoir to you guys. With today’s hustle and bustle, it’s a bit hard to fully relax nor even shut the world off, but with this salon, you’ll find that it would be surprisingly easy to just chill out and be luxuriously pampered! You seriously have to check them out! More than how they embody their name, ‘a beautiful view‘, they put much importance to your beauty needs too!



Marlon is actually the newest addition to Salon Beauvoir’s creative team but you could absolutely trust him with your hair because much like the rest of the gang, he is a multi-awarded stylist! He had even bagged awards on Schwarzkopf and Davines competitions! If you want to know their specialties, then for men’s grooming, go for senior stylist Jojo; for hair styling and for rejuvenating your damaged hair, try international stylist Sam; for hairdressing and coloring, go for creative director, Monette! Worthy to mention here also is Susy Cervantes as she supervises the nail and body care group of the salon; she’s actually referred to as the “Waxing Queen”!



Now to sum this all up:  When in Manila and you’re planning to have your next trip to a salon, drop by the Salon Beauvoir! It’s about time that you fully treat yourself to something real good!



salon beauvoir

Upper G/F, Somerset Olympia, 7912

Makati Ave. cor Sto. Tomas St., Makati City.

Open from Monday to Sunday, 8:00am to 8:00pm.

To book an appointment, call 904-5154, 478-7670 or 0916-681-3722.

When In Manila photos and write-up by ‘I am Aileen’.

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