SaladStop! Helps Local Farmers in Cebu

With the oversupply of fruits and vegetables from local farmers, it’s good news that SaladStop! is partnering with them and helping them out by buying their products directly.

The shift of eating patterns and cravings are leaning to more healthier choices now. SaladStop! has seen this significant change in the market, where everyone is more careful of the food they eat and, in turn, of their respective diets. Whether you love vegetables or not, you’ve probably already tried and fallen in love with SaladStop, though!


Along with the brand’s expansion in Cebu, SaladStop! has partnered with local farms in the province. According to Marketing Manager Tessa Catacutan, SaladStop!’s greens and other raw ingredients are sourced there because getting their supplies nearby ensures the utmost freshness.

SaladStop! is opening their second branch at Oakridge Business Park and is looking into bringing their salad, wraps, and smoothies closer to everyone.


Cebu also has a special dish called ‘Bring it Chon’, which has romaine lettuce, quinoa, lechon, turnip, cherry, tomatoes, ripe mango, pickled green papaya, fried garlic, and Mango Cilantro dressing.

As of June 2019, there are 13 SaladStop! branches in Manila and 2 branches in Cebu.