Sakay.Ph Eases Commute in Metro Manila


When in Manila, we all know that commuting is not for the faint of heart. To ease this burden, is a new and easy to use web application designed to help commuters find the best routes in Metro Manila by riding jeepneys, buses, and trains. is created by Thomas Dy and designed by Philip Cheang as an entry to the Philippine Transit App Challenge. It is still in its early stage and as of the moment, is available for free.

To use the, simply input your starting and your destination, then you can get possible routes.

sakay 2

When used on a web browser, has an auto-complete feature to help you identify your starting point and your destination.

You can also get directions on your mobile device. Simply key in ROUTE <origin> TO <destination> and send to 0999 802 5648.

When in Manila, commuting has become a little more bearable especially to those who are unfamiliar of the routes. Check out, and take it for a spin.



Sakay.Ph Eases Commute in Metro Manila