Saint Helena Just Opened The World’s “Most Useless Airport”

The “world’s most useless airport” just opened.

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Saint Helena, an isolated volcanic outpost in the Atlantic Sea and part of the British territory, just seemingly joined the 21st century this weekend after the island welcomed its first commercial flight, according to reports.

The inaugural plane came from Johannesburg in South Africa, where the travel and history buffs on board clapped and cheered.

”I’ve never felt so emotional in all my life. I never thought I’d see this day,” said Libby Weir-Breen, Libby Weir-Breen, a British travel operator who has been bringing tourists to the island of Saint Helena for 12 years, and flew in from Scotland just to be on the island’s first flight.

Saint Helena has a population of 4,500 is located at 1,900 kilometers west of the African nation of Angola, and is best known as the place of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile and death. Prior to its airport, the only way to get to Saint Helena was through a five-night voyage from Cape Town aboard the postal ship RMS St. Helena.

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