Sail Away this March at Marriott Manila for the Best Seafood Catch in the City


Ahoy Mates! When in Manila, let’s sail away to find the best seafood catch in the city this March!

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Drop the anchor this March at Marriott Manila for the best seafood catch in the city. There’s no need for goggles, just an appetite to dive into the freshest finds featuring the finest local and international ocean fare. At Marriott Café, submerge yourself with the bounty of the world’s ocean that you just won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re craving for shelled, with fins or tentacles, each of the interactive stations have something fresh to offer. Visit Marriott Café for dinner from Monday to Thursday, and sink your fork into special dishes including Octopus Ceviche, Hawaiian Tuna Poke, Kilawin Lapu-lapu, Marinated Shrimp and Seafood Ceviche. Enjoy all these for only Php1,950.  The most prized catch is Friday and Saturday dinner where Marriott Café’s famous Ocean’s Harvest features an oyster bar elegantly displayed on a bed of ice. Throw in a selection of seafood choices cooked to your delight and a wine collection to match your adventure in the high seas for Php 2,400.

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Sail away to Cru Steakhouse for premium tuna creations from sashimi, tartar, seared to grilled. You are assured of a guilt free indulgence as Executive Chef Meik Brammer partners with Norpac Fisheries Export to source quality fish from sustainable sources.  Another ocean adventure waits at the Greatroom The net has been cast to give you farmed oysters, poached tiger prawns and blue crabs served on ice. This lavish seafood platter is available for Php 650. Take the plunge and quench your thirst with marine-inspired concoctions such as rolling in the deep, seas the day, mud fish and bubble fish for Php 325 per glass. Move over to Java+ and get hooked with farmed shrimp and Davao pomelo salad. This packed salad in Mason jar is easy to eat, perfect for people on the go.

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Be captivated both by taste and beauty from underwater at Marriott Manila, and explore the depths through a stunning photo exhibit of environmentalist and photographer, Mr. Bo Mancao at the lobby. The hotel is also doing its fair share in saving the ocean by supporting Marriott International’s sustainable seafood program called “Future Fish,” the first, large global hotel chain to adopt such a policy.


Fall for Marriott Manila’s seafood catch hook, line and sinker this March. For inquiries and reservations, call (02)9889999 or visit To join ongoing conversations, like, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram. 


Sail Away this March at Marriott Manila for the Best Seafood Catch in the City

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