SAGE Limited Pieces: How This Fashion Brand is Helping Filipino Children Battling Cancer

Fashion for a cause: that’s what new local shoe brand SAGE Limited Pieces aims to advocate after launching just last November.

Founded by Anna Christina Desales, SAGE Limited Pieces is all about answering the Filipina’s need to own something exclusive and stylish at an affordable price. In fact, it’s all in the name: each design they put out is sold in very limited quantities — 15 to be exact — for the sole purpose of helping you stand out while wearing a never-before-seen piece that may never be produced or made again. There is a certain appeal to that, I’ve realized, when something you’ve spent on is so special and unique that it makes you value it a little bit more, over any luxury item you may own.

sage limited pieces mela sandals

Its first collection of stylish footwear features nine different designs all locally-made by Marikina shoemakers which speaks volumes about the quality and comfort you get. I wore my Mela sandals for an entire day outside and did not complain at least once about my feet aching, all thanks to the cushioned footbed, soft leather strap, and non-skid rubber soles. It also gives me satisfaction knowing that these slides will last me an average of two years of daily wear!

But the best thing about SAGE is how it gives back to the Filipino community, particularly the indigent children battling cancer and are struggling to afford medical treatment. For each purchase of SAGE sandals, PHP 100 is directly donated to beneficiaries of the BATANG K program in partnership with Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Foundation, a group that has been supporting children with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and other related illnesses.

“Almost dying from a viral disease when she was still two years old, our founder grew up hearing stories of how those two weeks she was in the ICU have been one of the most difficult times for her parents. This embedded a sense of empathy within her for parents of sick children, and the children themselves,” SAGE shared with When In Manila.

“With a relative who works for the Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Foundation, she has been exposed to how hard it is for the Filipino indigent children and their families to battle cancer — both the disease and the financial struggle that automatically comes with it,” they continued. “Hearing stories of many indigent families not being able to afford the critical last few months of treatment and just give up, the founder of SAGE wanted to make the children and their families feel that there was — and still is — hope to make these children go from cancer patients to cancer warriors, fighting the disease with patience, perseverance, and faith.”

Choosing to wear SAGE is choosing to help these children get a chance to live a normal life. As they tell us, “SAGE is all about walking in someone else’s shoes,” and believe me, I would gladly do so any day.

sage limited pieces sandals

SAGE Limited Pieces


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