“Sad Papaw” Of Twitter Finally Reunited With His Grandkids Over Dinner!

If you’ve been paying close attention to viral stories on social media over the past week, you might have heard of this “Sad Papaw” who was hoping to see his grandchildren over spring break, preparing TWELVE burgers for all six of them… only for one grandchild to show up.

It was this tweet that 19-year-old Kelsey Harmon posted of her grandfather, 66-year-old Kenny Harmon, whom they call “Papaw”, prompting an outpour of responses from grandkids worldwide — that look on her papaw’s face is just completely heartbreaking!

Sad Viral Tweet Gets Happy Ending: Papaw is Having a Cookout and Everyone's Invited!

And of course, the internet being the internet, the photo instantly went viral, with hundreds of thousands of tweets sympathizing with papaw and pretty much giving the rest of his grandkids a piece of their mind!

All is well afterwards though, because NOT ONLY did Papaw put together an open-for-all cookout in his backyard, he FINALLY got that dinner WITH ALL SIX of his grandchildren present!

British news site The Daily Mail was able to make this little reunion happen:

According to the Harmons, the missed dinner wasn’t a result of neglectful grandchildren being bratty, but simply miscommunication: Papaw’s son, Ryan, forgot to tell his children about burger night.

And Papaw’s cool with it!

On his famous “Sad Papaw” look, Kenny reportedly told the Daily Mail:

“I wasn’t like the picture showed. I have a solemn look sometimes, people say I don’t smile enough, but it’s my personality.”

We’re glad everything is fine with this family!

[Image Credit: The Daily Mail]

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