Sabu’s “Tulog Na” MV Touches Mental Health

If you’re looking for an artist that pours her heart out into her songs with relatable lyrics and heartwarming melodies, Sabu should definitely be on your playlist. She creates music that doesn’t shy away from saying what she means and feels.

Sabu has been in the music scene for quite some time now, and if you’re one who frequents gigs around the Metro, you might’ve caught her among the likes of Keiko Necesario, Clara Benin, and Reese Lansangan.

sabuPhoto from Sabu’s Facebook Page

Just last year, she released her first single, “Walk Alone,” which is distributed by Warner Music Philippines. And now, she’s released her newest single that will make you experience a different kind of feels-trip.

“Tulog Na” was released just this January and it instantly reached #6 on Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 in just a few days! It’s really no surprise that the song instantly became a hit because even just the first few notes of the song’s melody were enough to trigger such an emotional experience.

sabu tulog na3Photo from Sabu’s Facebook Page

I personally had it on repeat for weeks after hearing it. One line that I loved the most: “‘Di na kailangang madaliin ang pag-ibig na totoo.” (True love need not be rushed.)

We spoke with Sabu to learn more about her newly released single and the music video which just premiered online and on TV just a few days ago.

Tulog Na is a song I wrote in 2010. It’s about telling your own heart to go to sleep because it’s not yet time to love,” she shares with WhenInManila.com. “Like, ‘Hoy, don’t wake up muna. Iba pa priorities natin.’ Ganun. Just knowing that there’s a season for everything and it’s beautiful in the right time.”

sabu2Photo from Sabu’s Facebook Page

Of course, being written 8 years ago, Sabu admits that the song just isn’t about waiting for love’s right time anymore. She says that after hearing it again on its release, she realized that she relates to it in a completely new way now.

“Not just in telling my heart to go to sleep, but in teaching my heart what love really is – how true love is patient and trusting, not self-seeking, and always persevering,” she says.

The official music video for “Tulog Na” first premiered on MYX on February 22, and it was released online a few days later. Let me tell you, the video itself added a lot more feels to the already emotional song.

sabu tulog na

Sabu pours her heart out on talking about the story behind the music video:

The music video is about depression and loving someone who is going through depression. I came up with this concept because so many of my closest friends battle depression. It’s always hard to see them down–I knew I could never fully understand exactly what they were going through but it hurt me just as much to see them that way.

The hardest parts were when they would insist on going through their journey alone–or that they are a burden to me. You feel so powerless in that situation–you want to show them love but they feel unworthy to receive it.

It’s the biggest lie that has spread in my generation. It just attacks the identity and the core of a person, and to have dreamed with someone then see that person forget who they are or who they want to be is really heartbreaking. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it is for them. But I think it’s beautiful that people are more open to talking about it and are more open to finding ways to walk out of depression together.

The goal of this video is to spur talk and awareness but also to show that we are not each other’s enemy but that we have a common enemy and it is depression. It is a call to not go through this alone, but also for those who love–to not take the rejection personally, to be patient, to believe for those who don’t know what to believe and to hope for those who have forgotten how to hope.

“Tulog Na” is definitely a song worthy of a spot on your hugot playlist. You can listen to it here and don’t forget to follow Sabu on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated on new music, gigs, and events!

Watch the music video here: