Ryan Agoncillo Tells His Son Lucho: This is How I Met Your Mother

One of our favorite showbiz couples is Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, who seem to be a match made in heaven. Three days ago, Agoncillo posted a new installment in #storiesforlucho, a collection of tales that he would tell his son with Judy Ann. In the latest chapter, Agoncillo recounted the time when he first met the boy’s mother.

On Instagram, the host shared a throwback photo of their shoot for Mega magazine, with Santos on the cover. Agoncillo explains, “These photos were taken on the same afternoon by your Tito Raymund [Isaac] back in 2001.”

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He continued, “It was early in the afternoon and work finished early that day. I don’t remember where exactly I was headed after, but for sure though, I was in no particular hurry. Changing back to the clothes I wore on the way to the studio, taking my time gathering my backpack and gear, the photographer invites me back in to sit and take a few test shots with the set up for the next photoshoot. As I was making my way out, helmet and stuff in hand, I saw her being made up in the far end of the studio. I stopped, waved, and then I said, ‘HI!’ The moment the word left my lips, our eyes locked in the mirror.”

There was a catch.

According to Agoncillo, “sH!+, ‘di nga pala kami magkakilala! [We don’t know each other!] I smiled and ran to the nearest exit. That is how I met your mother, bud.”

Agoncillo and Santos would go on to meet in 2004 when they worked together in Krystala. They began dating the following year and announced their engagement in 2008. In 2009, they got married.

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