Russian Video that Made the Whole World Cry

 Russian Video that Made the Whole World Cry

There’s a ripple effect that happens with each and every action you take. You can never really tell how far or wide this ripple will reach. Either way, you’re hopefully sending out positive ripples with the things you do.

I mean something as simple as letting someone cut in front of you in traffic could immediately brighten their bad day, and even that of someone on the sidewalk who sees you’re good deed. This will inspire them to do something good as well and will ripple around the world in a positive way.

Even just one person can make a ripple of goodness that will last forever, similar to that of the late Nelson Mandela.

Below is a video of normal people, doing little things, that is somehow making a HUGE ripple effect of goodness around the world.

Positive vibes out to you all.

Russian video that made the whole world cry

There is still hope on this world…:)

Music: The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival Of The Birds


Russian Video that Made the Whole World Cry