Running Etiquette: Runner Sustains Injury Due to Others Lack of Etiquette

Running has grown to be a very common sport in the Philippines. Different people run for different reasons such as health and fitness, for enjoyment and some just to go with the flow. Regardless if you’ve been running for a long time or have just started recently, there are a few basic rules or proper etiquette we need to consider to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

While there are several “unspoken” rules in running, one common rule is to step aside or stay by the sides if you want to stop or walk. This refrains you from blocking other runners who may be going at a faster pace. Moreover, it is best to go in front of the other when walking with friends rather than side by side so as not to block the road for other runners.

Yesterday, Ferdz Hernandez shares his experience while participating in a well known run.

runners etiquette

“I was happy running 5:45 pace as I approach my 26km, everything is going as i have planned and trained for. Suddenly, i jolted into someone, got out of balance and my ankle tripped off. This lady all of a suddenly, bow down and tie her shoe lace. I wasnt able to get up the excruciating pain fill my legs. In a few minutes i was able to stand again and try to be back on track. As i reach 38km. walking, the pain creeps really bad, i had to make a full stop. My friend Sam saw me and helped me get to the ambulance,i got first aid and bandage. I was asked to “walk” if i decide to continue… and I walk…at 39km. another friend saw me, Joey came and help me sit on the side street. He called the Marshalls. I saw myself riding back to the parking lot with the marshalls. I did not finish my race for the first time.I had prepared for this race for a long time, then in an instant “DNF”.

To the new runners, “Please lang tumabi kayo kung kailangan mag full stop” (“Please step aside if you need to come to a full stop”) .Much better if you will read RUNNERS ETHICS. Thank you for all the assistance of the medical team and staff.


It was a minor accident that doesn’t really make headlines, however, being a runner myself, I thought of using this as a wake-up call for all runners. Please consider the other participants who also want to get the best experience. It’s lucky that this is all that happened to Ferdz, what if something worse happened?

Do you participate in running events? What are other basic etiquette you feel runners should know?

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