Runner finishes marathon but ends up with a typo

Boston Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events in spring. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the marathon has been pushed to September. Still, the event is a big deal for athletes, and qualifying for it is really tough. Essentially, you have to run a qualifying race somewhere else first before you are eligible to join the Boston Marathon.

Moreover, the marathon has become widely popular after an unfortunate terrorism event happened that coined the phrase “Boston Strong.”

Lindsay Devers is a nurse and runner in Boston. She wanted to put out a reminder that nothing can take away from running strong in Boston, even the dreaded coronavirus.

Devers ran a series of streets and turns in a way that her Strava app’s mapping of her run would spell out “Boston Strong” at the end.

It almost worked.

Sadly, her run spelled out “Boston strog.”

It was simply an unfortunate case of typo but a devastating one for that matter since she spent a lot of effort on this one.

That wouldn’t stop Devers from running though. She plans to run it again and get it right next time.

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