Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

This is the When In Manila video pick of the day!

I felt sweet nostalgia as I saw so many of my childhood favorite cartoons on Facebook with that whole campaign to stop child abuse.

With that, I was even inspired to list down some of my favorite cartoons in an article I wrote here –

Anyway, I was also checking out YouTube for some of those cool old cartoons and ran across this classic! This is the video of the Resurrection / Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime.

It’s a really rude awakening for Optimus Prime as he finds out that his Autobot friends have been killed and that there is a new threat called Galvatron. Optimus Prime is also disappointed in the Autobots left behind who are just plain annoying. Furthermore, Optimus Prime blames Rodimus Prime for F-ing up the entire Transformers Autobot organization while he was gone! Definitely a classic!

Funny stuff! And that’s our When In Manila video pick of the day!

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