Ruben Maria Soriquez goes to UP Diliman for Cineforum Italiano


Ruben Maria Soriquez joined the UP Cine Adarna crowd in watching his film titled The Broken Crown (La Corona Spezzata) during the Cineforum Italiano, a film screening and forum presented by UP Piccola Italia, Philippine Italian Association, UP Diliman Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts, UP College of Mass Communication, UP College of Arts and Letters, and UP Diliman Department of European Languages.

Ruben Maria Soriquez is a multi-awarded Filipino-Italian film actor, director, producer, and filmmaker. Locally, he may also be widely known for his drama acting role as Roberto Marchesa, the adoptive father of Liza Soberano’s character, Serena, in the TV series Dolce Amore.

Soriquez is the director of The Broken Crown, where he portrayed the daily life and operations in a Mafia organization. He even mentioned in the open forum after the film screening that he had to coordinate with the Mafia in shooting some scenes, and that he even recruited a few Mafia members to act (still as Mafia members) in the film.

This film was enjoyed by an audience of UP students, mostly from the European languages program, for free.