Roxanne Barcelo is Pregnant with Her First Baby

Roxanne Barcelo is having a baby!

Roxanne Barcelo wedding

The 35-year-old actress dropped the amazing news on her YouTube vlog on Thursday, January 21, where she and her brother, Timmy, tried to bake brioche buns at home.

Midway through the video, after they finally put their dough in the oven, Roxanne made the stunning revelation that she is, in fact, carrying her own bun in the oven. “Mga Badidap, I wanted to share with you all that I’m preggo!” she gushed.

This comes after she surprised friends and fans last Christmas that she officially tied the knot with her non-showbiz husband.

“When he said, ‘I want to start a family with you,’ I thought it was the most beautiful plan to have in my life,” Roxanne continued in her vlog.

She then thanked all her friends and followers for their continued support and well wishes.

“I really appreciate all the blessings that you have been wishing for me,” she added. “I only wish to communicate with you as much as I can and to share with you as much as I can. Hopefully, you will pray with me that our baby, me and my husband’s baby, will be happy, healthy, and normal. We are very excited to have this baby.”

Watch her vlog in full below:

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Congratulations to the couple!

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