Rotonda: Biyaheng-Balikan—a Production of Three 10-minute Plays About Life’s Series of Turns

“Rotonda: Biyaheng-Balikan” is a production about the series of turns we experience in our lives which naturally involves different challenges that may change our lives. The repetitive cycle of a rotonda shows the action of looking back to see how far we have gone as we continue our journey towards the future. This element of “going back” will be seen in the three ten-minute plays that will be staged in Dulaang ROC’s New Members’ Production wherein new members will showcase their talents, abilities, and skills in theatre arts. The three plays are New Manila, Sindi, and Between Bituins.

First, New Manila , written by Triple A and directed by Luke Fredrick Vicente, is a play previously staged last 2016. The story is about Jedd, Jigs and Jan; while on their way home, their car mysteriously breaks down in Balete drive. Stranded in the dark, tensions start to arise within the car. With no options left, they realize that the only way home is confronting the shadows.

The question is, what is lurking in the darkness?

Second, Sindi is a script written by UA&P students, Alexia Gallegos, Andre Chotrani, Prahba Militar, and Erica Valerio and directed by Earl Harry Bea. Adam, Chloe, JT, Andi, Kitty and Chris are all hanging out when suddenly an old lady appears. As the group is startled, they give her food, hoping that it would make her go away. They succeed and in return, the old lady gives them a candle which is said to have the ability to change the past. Most of the group gives in to the temptation of erasing their regret, but the candle can only be used once. Conflict begins to emerge arguing on who deserves to use it. But is it really worth it?

Lastly, Between Bituins is a new script written by a ROC Member, Nico Raphael Vicente, and directed by Arantxa Camila Isabel Domingo. Jonathan has been in love with Ella for the past 8 years. Every year he tries to court her but is yet to succeed. This year, Jonathan takes Ella stargazing in hopes that he would finally be able to succeed. However, his attempt still fails but unlike last year he asks why they are not meant to be. With reasons pointing to zodiac signs, the two begin to argue but are they the only ones being moved by the reasons being thrown? With the manifestation of their own zodiac signs observing, it raises the question; are we moved by
stars or do we move them?

Find out the full stories of New Manila , Sindi , and Between Bituins , by watching Rotonda: Biyaheng-Balikan , Dulaang ROC’s annual New Members’ Production which will be held on October 1-4, 2019 at UA&P Telengtan Hall.

Ticket prices are as follows:
● P200 – Regular/Outsider
● P180 – Alumni
● P150 – UA&P Student
● P100 – UA&P Scholar (with SABIO card)

Contact us:
● Janelle Marcelo – 0916 218 0698
● Dulaang ROC’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts – @dulaangroc

Join us celebrate Filipino culture, literature, and playwrights written by both professional and emerging Filipino playwrights as we stage “Rotonda: Biyaheng-Balikan” , a production about looking back and continuing our journey.

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