Rotary Club of Makati Launches Virtual Hackathon Challenge For Food Sustainability

The Rotary Club of Makati (RC Makati) brings “Hack4Food”, an Agriculture and Food Innovation Challenge Event that challenges the youth and other stakeholders to step-up and make a positive impact in agriculture and food challenges.

RC Makati President Atty. Louie Aseoche described the virtual hackathon challenge, which would run for one week, as a venue to foster creativity and collaboration in solving the challenges facing agriculture and food systems.  “The agriculture and food value chainfrom production to distribution, and up to consumption—and the youngsters are endowed with the capacity for clever imagination and novel thinking,” Aseoche said.

The Philippines is home to an estimated 111 million people spread across its 7,641 islands and ensuring food sustainability and inclusivity for its growing population is serious business.  

The youth of our country have a substantial stake in propelling the developmental progress of agriculture as they will inherit all its gifts as well as its ills.

hack4food rotary club of makati

Aseoche pointed out, however, that this one-week virtual hackathon challenges is likewise open to all stakeholders who are passionate about the fate of the planet and its inhabitants and committed to make a difference. RC Makati has allotted a total of Php 100,000.00 to be given away to the winners:  Php 50,000 for the first prize, Php 30,000 for the second, and Php 20,000 for the third winner.

Hack4Food by the Rotary Club of Makati is in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Bay, Rotaract Club of Makati, and the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP).

Outline of the Challenges

  • How to improve the lives of farmers/fisherfolk through enhanced economies of scale (i.e., reduced production costs, increased yields, decreased cost per unit of output);
  • How to empower farmers through collective action and by aggregating their outputs into viable clusters that improve operations and profits;
  • How to enhance farmer profits through direct matching of producer and buyer; and reducing the participation of middlemen to the lowest possible level without adversely affecting the supply chain;
  • Supporting and encouraging farmers to engage in crop diversification, which has been proven to help fertilize the soil;
  • Implementing digital technologies and data analytics which enhance overall farm productivity and efficiency;
  • Creating object detection technologies which can aid in production and/or distribution decisions;
  • Designing value chains that take into account climate change and other sources of risks;
  • Developing forecasting models and tools that guide decision-making in value chains;


  • First place: PHP 50,000
  • Second place: PHP 30,000
  • Third place: PHP 20,000


  • Groups of 2-5 or individuals
  • Filipino citizens within the Philippines
  • No age limit


Please visit for more details. Deadline is on Saturday, February 26th, 2022 at 11:59 PM.


For any questions and concerns, please e-mail at

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