Roots Ginger Brew: Explore the Taste of the Outback!

When In Manila, and looking for a taste of something refreshingly different, why not head over to your nearest supermarket and grab yourself a couple of bottles of Roots Ginger Brew?





Brought to us by Asia Brewery, Roots is made from the finest fresh ginger that’s masterfully brewed from “The Land Down Under” to unlock that distinct full ginger flavor. And because it’s 100% brewed, every bottle of Roots captures the essence of real ginger. With every sip, you’ll definitely experience that unique soothing sensation. And what’s even better is that Roots is made from all natural ingredients (no artificial stuff in it, ‘mate!).




With the weather clearly not being able to make up its mind on whether to shine or pour, this is the perfect drink to keep – in barrels preferably – on hand in case you start feeling under the weather. When trying the drink for the first time, I was thinking that it would probably taste like one of those imported ginger ales.  *Sip* I was surprised at how ginger-y it was! *Sip* You could really taste the ginger sliding down your throat, like a fizzy tasting salabat. *Sip*

I used my friend, Jericho, as my guinea pig, testing the sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage on his very, very sensitive stomach. He had complained that he had a bit of a tummy ache from a tuna sandwich gone wrong earlier that day, and Roots immediately helped calm his rumbling, achy stomach.



Not just a sparkling beverage, it helps soothe sore throats, promotes good digestion, and is a natural anti-oxidant. Now how many drinks can do all of that? It’s so good, it even has the approval of Bogart, our local explorer from “down unda” – err, Davao.

When In Manila, and wanting to experience a new dimension in refreshment from “The Land Down Under” with Roots Ginger Brew. Only P21, available in your leading supermarkets and convenience stores (P25 at the local 7-Eleven).

 Roots Ginger Brew

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Roots Ginger Brew: Explore the Taste of the Outback!


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