Rompers For Men, Yay or Nay?

A number of ridiculous trends have come and go, but there is just no putting a roof to the creativity and courage that people have to create and try something new.

Last year, the onesies or rompers have become a big hit in women’s fashion. Yes, not everybody wanted to try them on just to be completely naked when they had to pee, but there is no questioning its popularity, nonetheless.

This evolved version of a child’s garment has made its way to men’s fashion, as well. Recently, a couple of friends came up with the idea of revolutionizing the jumpsuit even further and thus, RompHim was born.

While there have been a lot of people rolling their eyes in ridicule and hate towards the new trend, RompHim is turning out to be a success since the sales are already more than 13 times better than what they have expected.

All the memes and the jokes on the internet about them is only a validation of how viral they have already become.

Then again, RompHim is more than just a trend since it breaks the stereotype in men’s clothing. While the issue of how difficult will it be to pee while wearing them still stands, it also raises questions like will you be going out with a guy who wears rompers, most especially, if your boyfriend wears his rompers better than you?

Yay or nay? Tell us in the comments!