Roll Like Royalty When In Manila With The Rare And Regal Rolls Royce Wraith

Roll Like Royalty When In Manila With The Rare And Regal Rolls Royce Wraith

How much are you willing to spend on a new car? Half a million pesos for a small hatchback? One million for a four door saloon, or maybe two million for a top of the range SUV?

I won’t tell you the price tag of the beautiful Silver and Salamanca Blue Rolls Royce Wraith featured here just yet. All will be revealed at the end of the article, when you might want to sit down and pour yourself a stiff drink in anticipation of a figure that is as extraordinary as the car itself. First, follow me into a world where only the best is good enough when we take one of the most expensive cars for sale in the Philippines today for a spin around the streets of BGC. 

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Welcome to the world of Rolls Royce Motor Cars, where exquisite craftsmanship and extraterrestrial price tags are a normal part of everyday life. While the names of customers may be subject to strict company discretion, the work and skills required to build such an artwork on wheels are not. Let’s start our journey with a look at the extraordinary efforts put into creating a Rolls Royce Wraith.

All cars are hand built at the company’s plant in England and the Wraith currently takes the distinction of being the most powerful model ever created, with a twin turbo V12 engine giving it 624hp and 800Nm of torque. This means the 2.5 ton car can sprint from 0 to 100kph in a mere 4.4 seconds, an event that feels like the space-time-continuum is about to be warped out of shape.

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On the inside, only the best master craftspeople are allowed to install beautifully finished wooden paneling which is oriented at a precise 55 degrees and carefully book-matched to create a perfect mirror image through the center line of the car.You can admire this result of years of experience while sitting on seats made from the finest natural grain leather and burying your feet in super soft lambs-wool rugs. If having a cashmere headliner isn’t to your taste, then you can instead opt for either a glass roof or a Starlight Headliner, which sees 1340 optic fibers woven into the fabric above your head for that romantic starlit night sky feeling. You can even choose what star constellation you want to have displayed, just in case you have a favorite.

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The sound system has no fewer than 18 speakers and even features microphones on the outside that help in achieving the perfect audio experience on the inside (think of it as noise cancelling headphones, but instead of just doing it for your head, they do it for the whole car), while the head up display unit that projects driving info onto the windscreen and the infra-red night vision system make you feel like the pilot of the world’s most luxurious fighter jet. If entering a destination for the satellite navigation system via the rotary controller seems too tedious a task, then you can instead simply write the letters with your fingertip on the top of it, as its beautifully finished surface displaying the famous Spirit of Ecstasy figure is actually a touch pad that allows for handwriting recognition.

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Once you’re on your way, the eight speed automatic gearbox uses satellite aided technology that combines GPS data with the onboard navigation system to scan the road ahead and choose the correct gear quicker and better than a driver could. Basically, it knows you’re crossing EDSA and are about to go up McKinley Road before you do, and prepares a lower gear to accommodate your changed driving needs.  

All these and many more beautifully designed features and functions combine to make departing, arriving, and all the time in between an event rather than just a journey. Come to think of events: I really can’t thank motoring journalist and all-around good guy James Deakin enough for setting up my date with this gorgeous girl from Goodwood. Make sure you watch his new TV show, the pilot of which will air on Solar on September 14, with further episodes on Sundays at 9pm and replays on Mondays and Saturdays!

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Back to driving around BGC in a Rolls Royce. Did I say driving? Feels more like floating, thanks to the air suspension and windows that feature double glazing as standard. Wraith owners can enjoy feeling utterly removed from the outside world and the ride comfort is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Be prepared to be the center of attention, though, as the car does attract its fair share of interested looks from pedestrians and other motorists alike. If you’re after a grand entrance, even if it’s only for the quick trip down to the local mall, then the Wraith delivers every time. Swing open those coach doors and waltz into the place like you own it – everyone will no doubt think you do so anyway.

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Sadly, like most really good things in life, my time with what probably counts as the most expensive object to ever have been featured on When In Manila came to an end way too fast. The unique smell that only cars like this have, the quality of the craftsmanship, and simply the pure feeling of riding around in a Rolls Royce all combined to make sure it was with a heavy heart that I returned the car to the dealership.

There’s only one thing left to mention, and that’s the price of this fine automobile. Are you sitting down with a glass of Scotch at the ready? The Wraith as shown here, currently for sale from Rolls Royce Motor Cars of Manila in BGC, can be yours for a mere PHP 38,000,000. Now drink that scotch and have a think how you’re going to convince your bank manager when you discuss the auto loan application. Once you found a way, can you give me a call? 



Roll Like Royalty When In Manila With The Rare And Regal Rolls Royce Wraith