Roku Sushi + Ramen: Delectable, Family-Oriented Eats

Ichi…Ni…San…Yon…Go…Roku! Counting in Nihonggo, the word “roku” means six. It’s a number that symbolizes fetal growth. Resemblance to an infant, Roku Sushi + Ramen metamorphosed from embryonic beginnings into branching out around the metro. Fresh from the Katipunan food lane, the kawaii haven stands out in its new home: Trinoma Sky Garden.

The eye-candy space design was rendered by Milka Romero, one of the Sushi Roku restaurateurs. Embellished with chibi-like characters, walls seemingly greet you with a homey feel.

The furnishings are urbanly chic. Hanging lights polish off the interiors with Tokyo-night mimicry.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00003Eye am stuffed. Delicious Art made by Milka Romero.

More artistry comes your way with their enticing sushi bar. It’s a workshop on the Land of the Morning’s ingenuity and cutlery. Get the hang of your favorite rolls right before your eyes.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00005

Here are the dishes and drinks to look forward at Roku:

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00011

The wholesome hang-out brings back the traditional big sized sushi. Try their cheek-stuffing Californian Maki. The inside-out rice roll is oozing with kani. Each bite is balanced by crunchy cucumbers, sweet mangoes, sea-salty nori, and bare fish roe. A wasabi warning though: it’s a sinus-opening kick! Pipe down the spice with the Sushi Roku Iced Tea. Detox with this–it has a real steeped leaf flavor.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00015For goodness Saké!

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00013

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00010Michael Angelo Ramen Remake on Roku Sushi + Ramen

Say amen to Roku Ramen. Choose your own delectable meat and umami-filled seaweed in rich broth. I also found it fascinating how they cooked the hard-boiled egg white cupping the undone yolk. Tip: Slurp your way to an enjoyable mess. Slurping lowers the temperature of your noodles. Plus, it’ll definitely affirm any chef’s cooking.

Steamed and Fried Gyoza is the heavenly match for Ramen. Nibble on a garlicky cocoon of ground meat with veggies. Though this dumpling’s wrapper is less than a millimeter thick, it remains sealed as you dip it in a tangy rice vinegar sesame oil sauce.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00009

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00008

Wait up! Save room for desserts! Have a slice of life of The Roku Green Tea Cheesecake. Dig in to moist bread that’s generously iced with centimeter-thick cream cheese. It will surely leave you wanting more.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00002Roku Green Tea Cheesecake

Have your camera’s memory running low with celebrity sightings too. Prepare your selfie gears:

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00012Lauren Young

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00014Derrick Monasterio

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00018Vicki Belo

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00016Erik Santos

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00001PJ Endrinal, Chienna Filomeno, Sofia Andres, Dominic Roque

Sushi Roku is made by a family for families. Together with Sushi Nori, a sister company, they establish foreign cuisine through native values and interesting fusions. This circle of trust in the family thrives into expansion.

The Romeros inspire what strong blood ties can do.

Sushi Roku Family Oriented Eats00006

Roku Sushi + Ramen

Level 1 Garden Restaurants, TriNoma Mall
Open daily from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Phone: (02) 625-6007