Rody Duterte on Cussing: “I will donate P1,000 to Caritas Davao every time I would swear”

As the presidential elections draw closer, we’ve come to know some of our presidential candidates more and more. For the past few weeks, the spotlight seems to be on Rody Duterte. People love him for the amazing work he has done with Davao city, however, a lot of Filipinos are now unsure if a they want cussing and self-admitted womanizer as their president.

For the past few weeks, Facebook and Twitter have been flooding with various status messages and posts on why or why not Rody Duterte should be the Philippines’ next president. There’s a saying that goes, “Getting knocked down in life is given, getting up and moving forward is a choice. – Zig Ziglar” The measure of true character is not the solely based on the achievements you’ve made, but on how you pick yourself up over the failures you’ve had. After much complaints about his swearing, Rody Duterte seems to have finally done something about it. Check out a post from his page just a few hours ago.

Rody Duterte (01)

Rody Duterte (02)

Edmound R. leaves this comment on Duterte’s FB page, “A person who acknowledges his faults,mistakes and sins is a person who is true,honest and brave. After his soul searching in the mountain, as what his friends said to media, upon discovering his wrong choices of words perhaps..i think what he did today is just a PROOF that he knows how to CHANGE himself and that he is capable of doing it for himself because mayor duterte is a MAN OF CHANGE…and that is what we need for a leader in the future..I salute this man…and I will VOTE for a CHANGE…”

What do you think of Rody Duterte’s actions?

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