Rochelle Pangilinan on Being the TV Kontrabida: ‘Mas Masaya!’

Rochelle Pangilinan is making her comeback to showbiz with yet another kontrabida role in upcoming GMA-7 series The Gift starring Alden Richards, Jo Berry, Thia Thomalla, and more!

Playing the villain in her latest television projects has become the norm for Rochelle which is a stark contrast from her early days in showbiz where she used to play the heroine, particularly for TV drama anthology Daisy Siete.


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When asked in a press conference how she feels about being cast in kontrabida roles nowadays, Rochelle had only good words to say about it.

Mas masaya,” she shared enthusiastically. “Kasi sa ‘Daisy Siete’ ako yung sinasampal eh. Ngayon dito ako na yung nananampal.”

It was the now-defunct series that ended in 2010 which Rochelle considers her career breakthrough.

Lahat yata ng guest namin sa ‘Daisy Siete’ na artista, napadaan lang, sinampal ako,” she joked. “Oo, alam ko yung level ng mga artista kung sinu-sino yung malalakas sumampal.”

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Rochelle explained that she finds more enjoyment and fulfillment in playing anti-hero roles because there’s a lot of room to play with her character.

Sa akin ngayon mas happy ako kasi nakita ko yung kontrabida mas marami siyang pwedeng puntahan. Mas masarap paglaruan. Kasi kapag bida, bilang naging seven years ang ‘Daisy Siete’ tumakbo, ‘pag bida ka kasi medyo yung role na nasa iyo kinakawawa,” she said.

Mahirap in a way na madaling lusutan pero yung ‘pag kontrabida kasi laging mabigat, laging ang bigat ng nakapatong sayo lagi so mas nag-eenjoy ako dito kasi mas nahihirapan ako,” she added.

Although she often finds it difficult, she knows that she is able to grow as an actress when taking on such a challenge.

Mas mag-g-grow ka ‘pag challenging role yung napupunta sayo,” she continued. “Alam din ng mga direktor tsaka ng staff na nahihirapan ako but nag-eenjoy ako kasi alam ko may patutunguhan to.

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