ROC Week: Tumaya’t Sumaya

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    Along with University of Asia and the Pacific’s Golden Jubilee, Dulaang ROC also celebrates its 28th year as an organization in the university. To commemorate the dual celebration, Dulaang ROC will hold a week-long project named “ROC Week: Tumaya’t Sumaya” to give gratitude to the school and the members of the organization. Different activities like the ROC Launch, ROC Exhibit, ROC Fair and New Members’ Production will be held on October 2-6 in the school grounds.

            This week-long event, in partnership with UBER Philippines, BahnMi Kitchen, Theater Fans Manila, and, is intended to show the different successes of the organization that was given endless support by the university for 28 years. It will showcase the many talents of the Dulaang ROC members who have been promoting the Filipino values and culture through the theater productions it has staged throughout the years.

            The ROC Launch on October 2 will be its opening event which will introduce the several activities the organization has in store for the UA&P community. On October 4, ROC fair will be opened which will showcase a “carnival” atmosphere with food stalls and game booths to engage the whole student body with ROC’s main theme for the year which is “Tumaya’t Sumaya.” Then on October 5-6, ROC will be presenting an exhibit which will present the different milestones of Dulaang ROC that contributed to its ongoing success journey. Pictures, posters, and props of past productions, along with the introduction of the people who became the roots of the organization will be part of this exhibit.

Furthermore, Dulaang ROC will stage a 3-play production entitled “Lukso” from October 3-6, 2017 in the Telengtan Hall of UA&P which is organized and prepared by the new members of the organization. The three plays are Lovesong, AngHiyaw ng Sirena at Panghi ng Gabi and Get Uber It.

            Revolving around the theme “Lukso” which is to take risks, the first play entitled “Love Song” written by Francis Lorenze Visco and directed by Hailey Domingo presents to you a story the story of friendship and love. Andi asks help from Juni, her best friend, to write a song for Tony, the boy she likes. In the process of songwriting and Tony suddenly butting in between, will Andi be able to tell her feelings for Tony? Or will she realize a different feeling when she finds out what has been going on?

The second play, written by Dr. Joachim Emilio Antonio, an award-winning playwright, and directed by Patty Villacorta, “Panghi ng Gabi,” will show a story of two young parents, Delia and Jayson, just wanting to have a stable living condition to build their family. However, if forming a good life for the family involves crimes, is it still worth it? How will Delia and Jayson resolve these issues in order to build a home for their child?

“Get Uber It,” writen by SeleenSimora, Pauline Darroca and Michaela Merino, and directed by Kim Luke Kwan, the last of the three plays, focuses on the life and love story of Ponso. Being in an UberPool with the driver and 2 other passengers, Ponso narrated his problems with his law school and girlfriend having a dilemma of choosing between the two. With the passengers intervening in his problems, will Ponso still make the right choice? In a cliche situation of choosing between love or career, will he take the risk of even having a choice?

This production will serve as the highlight of the week-long celebration of its anniversary through the ROC Week: Tumaya’tSumaya. This is performed by the new members of Dulaang ROC as their first projects and their training ground in the organization. This aims to hone the members and instill in them the mission, vision and values of Dulaang ROC. In addition, this project is also meant to showcase the many talents of the UA&P students to everyone and touch the lives of many.

Ticket Prices are:

Regular – P200

UA&P Alumni – P150

UA&P Student – P120

UA&P Scholar – P100

            Dulaang ROC has indeed made a mark in the university as the pioneer organization of UA&P. Dulaang ROC has been successful in staging stories that have not only made people laugh and cry, but have also taught lessons and values to the university community. Together with UA&P’s 50th year, Dulaang ROC looks forward to bring a week’s worth of worthy risk-taking and happiness for all.