Robin Padilla Pulls Out Of Movie With Maria Ozawa

Talk about a sudden exit!!

Robin Padilla Maria Ozawa movie - Featured

Robin Padilla is pulling out of his movie with Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa!

The two were reported to be working together for a film called “Nilalang (The Entity)” when Maria Ozawa landed in Manila just a few months back.

But why would the dashing action hero withdraw from the chance to work with every Pinoy’s dream girl?!

The answer? Wife Mariel Rodriguez’ delicate pregnancy, according to local reports.

Local reports say that it was manager Betchay Vidanes who made the announcement, saying that the decision process has been “very hard” as “Mr. Padilla’s reputation shows that he has the highest regards for those he commits to work with”.

Mariel is reportedly pregnant with triplets.

“Nilalang”, Maria Ozawa’s first major acting role in the Philippines, is a 2015 entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, where she stars as an heiress to an organized crime syndicate from Japan. The film will supposedly tackle the “underbelly of corrupt Philippine cops with the Japanese ‘Yakuza’ and its links to a centuries’ old curse that may be be responsible for the spate of serial killings happening in Manila”.

In any case, Robin’s replacement in the movie will have some pretty big shoes to fill!

What do you think of this? Would you watch a movie with Maria Ozawa in it??