Robi Domingo Shares Story That Made Him Proud and Say, “Mama Ko ‘Yan”

Robi Domingo mom

Photos / Robi Domingo

Many of us know that mothers are awesome and will do anything for their children and the people around them.

Robi Domingo shared a story on social media that made him proud of his mother and say, “mama ko ‘yan.”

It started with an afternoon date the two had at a restaurant. The host wrote, “People inside were alarmed because a small flame was seen emerging from the kitchen. Thankfully it was contained and the staff was telling everyone that everything was under control, but one of the waiters/chefs got some minor burns.”

Domingo offered the expertise of his mother, who is a physician. He said, “The manager asked for my mama’s help and she immediately stopped eating her red velvet [cake], rushing to see the injured employee.”

The host added, “That moment made me proud as I told the universe, ‘Mama ko ‘yan.'”

After his mother administered aid, the staff member went to them and thanked her for helping him.

Domingo ended his post with, “This is one of the million reasons why I can truly say my parents are my heroes.”

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