Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans send the cutest Christmas greetings

Launching into superstar status as people who portray the Avengers (or could they actually be the Avengers?) means that there will be fanart–lots of it. But the two heroes at the helm of their superhero team are always good sports about it.

Which is why when Robert Downey Jr. saw a lovely edit of him and Chris Evans locking eyes with a mistletoe above them and a very enthusiastic Tom Holland, he tweeted it (and credited the artist, of course!), sending fangirls aplenty weeping and retweeting.

The Avengers fandom has had loads of fun because of how much their heroes interact on and off the screen. The love is always palpable among all of them, especially between Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. Even though their characters were at each other’s throats the last time we saw them together, it is only indicative of a very special love and respect for one another.

Of course, Chris Evans was eager to show the love, too. He quoted Robert Downey Jr.’s tweet with his own well-wishes, stealing our hearts all over again.

Just can’t wait to see them together for Infinity War!

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