Road Rage Series: 15th Installment


Cars. Hoppers.  Scooters.  In the context of Philippine society, we associate these as toys for the big boys.  But the UP Sigma Beta Sorority is a living proof that when it comes to rockin’ it, gender ain’t a question.  We stand out among the rest for we have, and still continue to initiate original activities such as the Road Rage Series which serve as a congregation of car enthusiasts, manufacturers, and personalization shops among others, educate motorists, entertain spectators, and show that Sigma Betans are trained to be competitive, assertive, and flexible.

Road Rage started on February of the year 2002.  The UP Sigma Beta Sorority is the pioneer of such activity in Los Baños.  For its first 3 years, it only catered to customized cars.  But last 2005, the show opened to 2-wheeler vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters.  Participants usually come from the Southern Luzon area and some parts of Manila.

Categories for the car competition are: Best Car of the Show, Best Modified, Best in Car Entertainment, Best Audio Display, Best Stance, Best Engine Display, Best Light Display, Best Body Kits, Best Interior, Best Detailed Car, Best in Paint, Best Airbrush, Best Decals, Best American Car, Best Asian Car, Best European Car, Best Compact Car, Loudest Engine Roar, Best Car Club, Best in Presentation, Best Classic Car, Best Old School, Best Millennium Car, Best Daily Driven Car, Best Exotic Car, Best Female Car, Best Race Themed Car, Best Carbonized, Best Restored, Best Stock, Best Sport Tuned Engine Display, Lowest Ride with Body Kit, Lowest Ride Without Body Kit, Best Ford, Best Honda, Best Hyundai, Best JDM, Best Mazda. Best Mitsubishi, Best Nissan, Best Sedan, Best SUV and Best Toyota.

For two-wheelers, the categories are: Best Motor of the Show, Best in Old School/Vintage Look, Best in Paint, Best in Detailing, Best Modified Engine, Best Rims, Loudest Pipe, Best Airbrush, Best Decals, Best Audio Display, Best Loud and Clear, Best Kawasaki, Best Honda, Best Yamaha, Lowest Ride (Automatic) and Lowest Ride (Manual). In addition, special awards for Hottest Male Driver, Hottest Car Babe and Sorority’s Choice shall be given to the entries receiving the most number of votes cast by the spectators and by the sorority sisters. The Best Car/ Motor Club will be awarded to the group with the Most Number of Entrants.

It also features live band performances, a trade fair, exciting games and exhibitions associated with the Transport show competition.

Since Road Rage is the first transport show in Los Baños and is one of the most anticipated activities in February, the sorority continues to improve the whole event each year by changing and adding more categories in the competition, awarding bigger prizes, getting honorable and distinguished judges, revising the judging system, and coming up with better publicity strategies and improved venue preparation and event program, all to tailor fit the trends and requirements of the latest transport show.

This year, Road Rage Series is now on its 15th year of recognizing extraordinary rides. On the 12th of February 2016, the road to another experience with the furious cars will turn into the next level at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. This event is perfect for car fanatics who want to be with what they love on Valentine season.

For more details, visit the Road Rage Series page at or message Jie at +63 905 815 4947 or Bianca at +63 936 331 3115.

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