Road 2342 Productions’ online theatre play amidst the pandemic

Arts. Theatre. Media. Road 2342 Productions. A production made up of second-year broadcasting students from the University of the East-Manila, will stage their first ever live virtual play entitled “GGWP: Axis ka ba?” on their Facebook page (Road 2342  Productions) on May 29, 2021, Saturday at 12:00NN. 


The story is set in the year 2030 in Citadel, a fictitious country in the play. Follows six students from various schools and social hierarchies who are trapped in a meeting link. To break the link  and survive, players must conquer the game master’s tasks in a warped game show called “Good  Game Well Played.” They must make a decision who among the six players is the Axis, a term coined to describe traitors to their country. The title was taken from the popular tagline of players  after winning a game, “Good Game, Well Played.” 

With the existing situation as a result of the pandemic, Road 2342 Productions devised a  theatrical play in which social distancing and staying at home would be practiced, while  addressing the audience with a socially relevant play that includes commentary on pressing  issues that we face today. 

“We expanded our creativity from face-to-face classes to online learning setup while providing a  good production standard.” The production heads said. “It has outperformed our abilities by the  use of technology, and it has broadened our knowledge in the virtual stage of production.” 

Road 2342 Productions utilized their voices and platform to reach out throughout society. This  serves as a reminder to us to stand up for what is right, to maximize their voices wisely, and to  initiate change. The production also aims to appreciate and promote our country’s culture and arts. 

“Before the pandemic, we started with a dream production. We failed, but we didn’t give up and started to use the new space. The production was meant to inspire and support the country’s arts and culture. We will act, we will shout, and we will be heard as young people.” Road 2342  Productions’ Director, Dave Lastimosa said. “This is our goal, and this is what we want to contribute. ‘KAMI NAMAN!’” he emphasized.  

The online theatrical play is produced by Professor Julius Cesar Pascual and co-produced by  Christine Janelle Fajardo. Directed by Darwin Dave Lastimosa and Kayla Mae Macaspac. Written by Crisyll Justine Torres, Czarina Jean Franco, Laiza Chad Lirio, and Ralph Harvey Rirao. 

Road 2342 is an online theater production by the University of the East-Manila 2nd year Broadcasting students that cultivates and highlights their talents as they express their social commentary through the wonderful world of theater in virtual space. 

For more updates and details, you can visit and follow their social media network on Facebook  Road 2342 Productions, Instagram @road2342productions, and Twitter (@Road2342). See you  on May 29, 2021, allies!