Rizal Gets Connected for a Faster Future with the #SMARTLTEEXPERIENCE

Words and Photos by Jesus Arturo Dalumpines III

The province of Rizal is about to get lit as SMART boosts up its mobile data game by maximizing the LTE capabilities in the area. Smart is on a mission to give #InternetForAll. However, they don’t just plan on providing a so-so stable connection; they want every Filipino to experience lightning speed mobile Internet through the means of LTE or Long Term Evolution.

smart lte tour 7

Smart was introduced in the Philippines back in 2013 and now, the telecommunication giant is seeking to stabilize the LTE experience for people by upgrading their cell sites around the area. SMART is currently rolling out the data on 700mhz for a wider range of accessibility as the low frequency tends to spread wider and cover more area reception.

smart lte tour 4

Low band frequency has a longer range and is more suitable for indoors than the high band frequencies. It means that these low band frequencies fit the geographic setting in our Metro. It is also essential to have a compatible 700mhz handset to fully optimize the fast speed internet experience since there will be some handsets that are obsolete and cannot handle the full potential of the existing mobile data technology.

It is quite amazing to have this kind of technology present nowadays given that fast internet has become the base level of the new Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Almost everything revolves around the Internet. People need to get connected as fast as possible.

smart lte tour 3

A lot of smiles were flashed as the #SMARTLTETOUR deploys #ConnectedRizal. The company demonstrated its capabilities around Antipolo. All throughout the trip, the connection didn’t waver with a speed of almost 20 Mbps for downloads and uploads. It even spiked up to 90 Mbps at the Antipolo Cathedral. We even got great connection at the Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls Park, so we could upload more of your stories, selfies, and #atm posts faster!

smart lte tour 2

smart lte tour 5

smart lte tour 6

Truly, fast Internet is a must nowadays. Gone are the days that one can live with a 1 Mpbs or less connection since a lot of things, including work, are going digital. It also serves as a great aid in efficiency and effectiveness for a lot of people. Faster internet translates into a happier and less stressful life!

As SMART continues this mission, they are also paving and preparing for something big this 2020: 5G technology! With LTE making people jaw drop, who knows what 5G will bring to our lives?