So… Riverdale Season 3 is Actually Looking Pretty Good

I grew up reading Archie comics. It was a VERY big part of my life. So, naturally, when I first heard that they would be making a series out of the beloved comics, I was ecstatic. Fast forward to the series actually coming out: despite all of the changes that they made in terms of, well, everything; I found myself enjoying Season 1. However, when Season 2 came out, I found myself struggling incredibly hard just to finish it. (Was that just me?) In fact, I only finished it because Cole Sprouse came to visit Manila and I felt a strange need to.

Riverdale Archie Andrews

A few days ago, Season 3 was released on Netflix and despite having disliked the second season, I went ahead and watched it. And while I admittedly spent most of the episode either salivating over the topless guys or rolling my eyes at Archie’s actions and decisions (why does he annoy me so much?), I found myself gobsmacked by the end of the first episode.



Basically, at the end of the first episode, Jughead goes to look for Dilton and finds him with Ben in the woods with their heads on the ground and strange carvings on their backs, bowing down to an altar with candles all around and some sort of concoction bubbling out of Ben’s mouth.

Riverdale Coopers

And then we head over to Betty’s where her mom and sister seem to be ready to sacrifice the twins. They hold them up over a fire… but when they let the babies, they don’t fall in and burn. Instead, they rise up into the sky. Betty faints (as one obviously would when they witness something like that IRL) and convulses on the floor.

It’s all so much to take in for the last few minutes of a first episode of anything, but I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. It gave me such Stephen King feels and honestly, I think that sudden and unexpected move into the world of the supernatural is exactly what Riverdale needed to save itself.

With Archie in juvi (let him stay there for a few episodes, please), a broken Lodge family, and this crazy move into the supernatural; I think I might actually start saying “I like Riverdale” again.

Have you seen the first episode of Season 3 yet? What did you think of it? Geek out with me!!!