Rita’s Ice: Get Sweet and Frosty This Holiday Season

Rita’s Ice: Get Sweet and Frosty This Holiday Season

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Do you remember the frosties from your childhood? Those icy sticks of pure bliss that tickle your tastebuds with fruity flavors in bright colors? Do you remember how they completed your day, especially when battling the summer heat? Just imagining it makes me miss eating those sweet little things.

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Fortunately, Rita’s Ice is now on Philippine shores and life is the same (if not even better!) again! They offer a more delightful version of our beloved sweet stick: served in cups and with more flavors to choose from!

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A brand from the states, Rita’s Ice serves quality Italian ice, also known as water ice, which is sure to get the approval of kids and adults alike. As I’ve mentioned, it will remind you of frosties, only smoother in consistency and fruitier and yummier. Plus, it’s guaranteed made fresh everyday so you can be sure that you will only get the best cool cups out there.


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Rita’s Ice Menu

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There are many toppings and custard flavors to choose from!


At their first branch in the country, you can try a whole assortment of frozen desserts! We were invited to its launch and it was definitely a very frosty afternoon as we devoured cup after cup of icy sweet goodness.

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